Luxury is within everyone’s reach thanks to Lucrin leather.

Most of us enjoy the finer things in life from time to time, which probably explains the enduring popularity of luxury style leather goods. It’s true that the ‘luxury’ tag to such products might lead you to assume these items are out of reach of most people’s pockets, but firms such as Lucrin have something to suit all budgets.
Lucrin uses only the finest leathers, which helps ensure that its products are well-known for their dependability and durability over the long-term. As well as being extremely practical, you can also match leather products to suit almost any look or decor, such is the variety of colours and finishes available. Fancy a full-grain finish, or the smoother touch of suede? Shagreen or calfskin? Metallic finishes or classic browns and beiges? It’s all available from
Men’s leather wallets are one great example of a simple article that can be transformed into something special with the right kind of leather. Lucrin’s selection of wallets covers designs tailored to a variety of uses, such as wallets specially tailored to hold the banknotes of a range of international currencies.
If you do any amount of travelling on your passport, you’ll find a leather holder will come in very handy. Although black or beige are the most popular colours, yellow, orange and even pink provide more colourful alternatives.