Put your best foot forward with dazzling colour combinations.

Why not celebrate summer with the latest fun and floral styles from Modatoi’s collection of dresses and footwear? www.modatoi.co.uk is a website that specializes in ladies’ fashion with something of a continental twist.The site is unbeatable when it comes to ladies’ shoes. There’s footwear in all shapes and sizes. This is not for the faint-hearted fashionista – this summer women’s shoes are self-assured. Flowers of the big, fake variety are blooming from shoes and sandals like there’s no tomorrow. Bows and ribbons are also well to the fore this season in both showy and more understated forms. Women’s boots are a little less showy, putting on shades such as black, grey and khaki, with the odd foray into more flashy territory with bright scarlet designs. It’s a very different – and more daring – story for half boots. What else would you expect when leopardskin patterns make such a big appearance?
Dresses are obviously one of the pillars of summer fashion. This summer season is marked by several big trends. In terms of colours, eye-catching two-tone designs are the order of the day. In most cases this involves black twinned with a vivid colour like sky blue. A very fetching look can also be obtained with the touch of lace applied to other fabrics, a common feature this year.