Want content that you can access practically anywhere, anyhow? Try out Webpublication’s flipbook maker.

Have you ever thought of how useful flipbook ipad compatibility could be to your business? Empowering your customers, potential clients and others interested in finding out more about your company to access and store the content that you produce on flip book style software on their iPads could be a very smart promotional move for your firm! Webpublication is a company that produces software packages enabling you to produce your own marketing content in minutes – in a format that is quickly converted to be readable on most communications devices, from Mac to smartphone to iPad! You may want to produce a readable, interactive online brochure to attract a new target audience. Nothing could be simpler! You need no special training in order to get started and you have complete control over the customization of your content. You can add your company logos, apply your corporate colour scheme to the background and more. If you want to wow your prospects with an interactive pdf, that’s easy too! You have a whole raft of rich media features at your fingertips. Top of the list are video and HD images, but you can add sound, flash animations and hypertext links to make your content stand out even more.