Form creation has never been easier with the new online form builder from FormForAll!

For virtually all retail websites, contact forms, order forms or booking forms are a crucial operational feature. So it’s a bit of a mystery where all the good form creators have gone.
Actually, the form builder by FormForAll even has a WordPress form plugin.
Possibly the most outstanding characteristic of the FormForAll approach has been the focus on making it as user-friendly as possible. The drag and drop interface is a prime example of this kind of thinking, and it definitely cuts out a lot of the hard work.
Part of this drive for supreme user-friendliness includes the social login option for Facebook and Google users. This function is particularly useful if you’ve no time to waste! There’s even a multi-lingual display feature, which will allow you to display any form you create in a wide selection of languages. Up to twenty European and Asian languages are available.
See for more details on all these options.
This is all well and good, but all too often, users of other CMS are left out in the cold by this type of package. Thankfully this isn’t an issue here, as there are special plugins available – just take a look on