DBV-Technologies – in the frontline of the fight against allergies

One company has taken up the gauntlet of how to deal with an increasingly serious health issue that affects millions of people across the globe – food allergies. www.dbv-technologies.com is the website to go to should you be looking for information about a revolutionary new method of treating and diagnosing allergies such as peanut, cow’s milk and dust mite allergies. By developing a technique that seems so simple you wonder why it hadn’t been done before, DBV-Technologies have really opened up the possibility that the impact of these common allergies can be much reduced.

http://www.dbv-technologies.com/en/method/ delves into the nuts and bolts of how this approach actually works. The key lies in what the company has dubbed ‘Viaskin®’ technology. As you might expect, this involves a skin-based or epicutaneous solution: a patch that is placed directly onto the skin, releasing carefully-controlled doses of the relevant allergens to the immune system.

The Viaskin® patch
Source : http://www.dbv-technologies.com

The special condensation chamber visible in the picture above is a crucial part of the system, as it hydrates the skin, ensuring effective, painless delivery of antigens to the body.