Trying to turn the tide on the advance of allergies – the Viaskin® patch by DBV-Technologies

One of the biggest medical issues of recent times has been the massive increase in the numbers of people affected by various allergies. Some, like house dust mite allergy, have hit the news because of their prevalence. Others, such as peanut allergies, have attracted attention because of their potentially fatal consequences. The DBV-Technologies website offers us a window onto the world of this European firm at the forefront of efforts to diagnose and treat allergies, especially food allergies.

Treating Cow’s Milk Protein allergy
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If we take a look at their products section on, we can see just how adaptable their unique approach is. At its heart is the Viaskin® patch, an adhesive patch that can deliver antigens to the immune system through the skin in a way that’s both painless and safe. This basic approach can be replicated for different allergies, and DBV-Technologies has been developing patches for specific allergies, including cow’s milk protein allergy. This is a particularly widespread condition, affecting almost 1 in 30 young children in certain areas, which can cause considerable distress due to its unpleasant symptoms (vomiting, rashes, diarrhea).