Need treatment in a hurry? Hospitalsconsultants may be able to help.

With the NHS under increasing pressure, many people are looking for alternative ways of sourcing treatment for themselves. Well, a new website aims to facilitate just that – why not click on the logo below to find out more!  

Hospitalsconsultants brings together hospitals in England and France to offer a range of services

The Hospitalsconsultants website is a kind of one-stop shop for medical services. It offers people the chance to pre-book different procedures and thus receive treatment more quickly than might be the case on the NHS. The website itself is entirely neutral – it charges a one-off fee for every contact it makes on your behalf and receives no commissions from the individual hospitals in question. Many common procedures are available. These range from cataract surgery to hip and knee replacement surgery and varicose veins treatment. All the hospitals and clinics on the site are notable for the excellence of their facilities, staff expertise and patient amenities. Some treat a variety of conditions, others are more specialized, such as the Sunderland eye infirmary (, which has a nationwide reputation for its work in all areas of eye surgery and ophthalmology.