Get in touch with your inner athlete with some sporty yet stylish shoes.

With all the sport that’s been doing the rounds, you might just want to relax and take the weight off your feet. However, when you begin to delve into the Modatoi range of ladies’ shoes and dresses, you may find yourself having second thoughts
If you think that sport and style don’t go together, head straight for the extensive selection of shoes for women at This takes in trainers that are for fun as much as for breaking the pain barrier in, as well as glitzy heels. Actually, party shoes and heels have been really wrong-footing fashionistas this season, straddling everything from flamboyant oversized bows and polka dots to no-nonsense high heel lace-ups in warm autumn hues.
In the half boot stakes as in all fashion, nothing ever stands still for long. The ‘skull’ theme is everywhere to be found, often in bejewelled form. Women’s boots are travelling north. Knee-high boots have definitely widened their appeal with a distinctly ‘three musketeerish’ flavour that has been quite a hit.
This season’s ladies’ dresses are all about cut not colour. What does this actually look like? Well, lots of flattering, figure hugging designs with plunging necklines for a start. Strapless dresses aplenty, pleats, lots of lace, ruffles and daring bared back looks.