Put on a shabby chic show in your home with Produit Intérieur Brut!

Creative types everywhere just love the shabby chic look. Why? Well, because it’s all about invention, creating a story and harnessing the past history, real or imagined, of different items of furniture and accessories. At http://www.pib-home.co.uk  you have a real treasure trove of shabby chic designs which you can use to create a feeling of ‘lived-in-ness’ in your home, even if you’ve only just moved in! For the full range of shabby chic furniture and some pointers about how to use it to best effect in your house or flat, just go to http://www.pib-home.co.uk/bohoshabbychic/en/shabby-chic-furniture.

Patterned wallpaper is a big component of shabby chic decor
Source: http://www.pib-home.co.uk

Often rustic in style, shabby chic decors, like the one pictured below, are designed to create a feeling of nostalgia and warmth in a room. Although they’re most often favoured in bedrooms and bathrooms, there’s nothing to stop you bringing that shabby chic touch to a living room or even the garden! This particular look is best set against a background of either relatively neutral shades of paint or else old-school type patterned wallpaper, topped off with colourful fabrics and carpets.