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Most companies aren’t enormous multi-nationals – that’s why it’s crucial for businesses to work together with other firms which can ‘fill in the blanks’. will help your company to find partners that you can count on, in the specialist fields that you need, in countries all over the world. As well as putting buyers in touch with suppliers, the website can also act as a showcase for your firm’s goods and services. At the same time, its ‘networking’ aspect makes it an invaluable tool for developing and adding to business clusters.

Companies manufacturing a range of relevant aerospace components advertise on airgetintouch

Although most companies featured on the site are involved in the aviation industry, there are a certain number that cater to the space sector. You can see here for more information on what kind of products they offer: space optical systems, bearings, solar panels and the like. A wider range of component manufacturers relevant to the aircraft manufacturing field may be found by clicking on the icon below. Choose the category that interests you – there’s everything from transducers and valves to fibre optics and aircraft instruments.